course enquiry course enquiry Fires in the workplace lead to death or serious injury, and there is also a substantial financial cost involved. Many businesses never recover from a serious fire.

In compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2006, as “Competent Persons”, it is essential that fire wardens or marshals understand their duties in order to be effective in implementing the company's fire plan. By increasing their awareness of the risks associated with fire they will be able to assist in ensuring fire controls and safe evacuation.

Suitable for:

All employees who carry out the duties of a fire warden/marshal within their organisation.

Duration: ˝ day

Fire Warden Training delegates will learn: -

  • Who is responsible for Fire Safety
  • An overview of current legislation.
  • Principles of combustion, convection and radiant heat and spread of fire.
  • Identification and selection of extinguishers.
  • How to identify fire hazards and minimise fire risk.
  • Types and meanings of fire safety signs.
  • Action in the event of fire.
  • Raising and responding to the Fire Alarm.
  • Evacuation drill management and human behaviour in a fire.
  • Choosing and using fire fighting equipment, including practical use.
  • The role and responsibilities of the Fire Warden.
  • Liaising with the Fire Brigade.

In line with our objective of tailoring courses to the needs of the individual client, the course content will be aligned with the company’s emergency action plan.

All delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.