Company Values

PaSS Consultancy and Training Services allows me to put into practice the principles I have evolved in over twenty years as a health and safety practitioner. I believe that every employee is entitled to expect his working environment to be healthy and safe and that his employer will take all the necessary steps to ensure his wellbeing. But I also understand that health and safety is one of a number of competing priorities which companies have to deal with and that complying with new and changing legislation is a constant challenge.

Businesses need sound and practical advice and support which will enable them to achieve their H&S objectives, but there will always be budgetary pressures which impact on their efforts.

What PaSS can offer is an honest assessment of your company needs together with the ability to deliver cost effective solutions to your consultancy and training requirements...

The PaSS team all have a proven track record and are highly experienced within their field of operation. They are fully committed to the company ethos of continuing professional development and to the standards of honesty and personal integrity we demand.

We believe that we can deliver a high quality of service on a value for money basis to the complete satisfaction of the customer.

Colin Bingham
Company Principal