course enquiry course enquiry It is a legal requirement to manage the activities of contractors on site. Poor management of contractors is likely to expose both contractors and your employees to unacceptable risks, cause business interruption and increase the likelihood of accidents or ill health.

Who should attend the Managing Contractors Course?

Managers, supervisors or other persons responsible for devising policy, implementing contractor procedures, or having day-to-day control of contractor activity.

Duration: 1 day

Venue: courses can be delivered on site or at selected venues.

Course content:

  • Legal responsibilities for managing contractors
  • Assessing the competence of contractors
  • Principles of risk assessment
  • Step by step guide to the key aspects of managing contractors
  • Planning the works
  • Handover procedures prior to work beginning
  • Reviewing the work on completion
  • Integration of Health and Safety procedures into organisational procedures

Key Topics:

  • English legal system
  • Civil liability
  • Statute Law
  • Health and Safety At Work Act 1974
  • Management of Health and Safety At Work Regulations
  • Safe systems and permits
  • Contractor control
  • Policy
  • planning
  • selection and competency
  • working activity